Piedmont For Consent


Our Mission

The Piedmont for Consent Club is a student run club committed to creating consent education for everyone in the Piedmont community, providing resources and support for survivors, and improving and de-stigmatizing these topics in order to foster an anti-rape culture that eliminates sexual assault, harassment and rape.


What is consent?

Consent is an agreement between people.

Consent is 

Mutually Understood,

has Internal communication, 

Continuously and Freely Given, and

has Enthusiastic Yeses,

or MICE.


What We Do

We recently ran the Consent Workshops for the 2020-21 school year, we hold a Survivor Support and Allies group, and we're also working on so much more!


Consent Workshops 2021

P4C organized a consent workshop for all four grades in February 2021.
We hope to continue to host this workshop for years to come.

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